Ernest Pignon a Napoli

Gen 12 2014

Ernest Pignon a Napoli

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Naples: Classical Street Art by Ernest Pignon-Ernest

Naples, with its three thousand years of history, is the perfect setting for the street art of Ernest Pignon-Ernest. This Nicoise artist was inspired by painters Caravaggio, Ribera & Guarino each of whom had been influenced by the history and faded beauty of this ancient city state. Ernest has used the the tattered and torn facades of these elegant, decayed buildings to infuse his classical designs and biblical images. Creating a living artwork that finds expression in the daily lives of the Neapolitans during Easter.

Ernest revisited Naples 5 times over 12 years bringing his unique art to the cityscape and creating a visual feast that is in perfect harmony with its setting.

Artwork featured in this video include:

David et Goliath d’apres Caravage, Naples, 1988
Sans titre, Naples, 1988
La Pieta d’apres Ribera, Naples, 1988
Resurrection, Naples, 1988
Christ a la colonne d’apres Caravage, Naples, 1990
Mise au Tombeau d’apres Caravage, Naples, 1990
Sans titre, Naples, 1990
Les Ames du purgatoire, Naples, 1990
Crucifixion et suaire de Turin, Naples, 1995
Mort de la Vierge d’apres Caravage, Naples, 1990
La Veilleuse de la Mort de la Vierge, Antonietta, Naples, 1995
Marie-Madeleine, Naples, 1990
Sainte Agathe, Naples, 1995
Sainte Agathe, inpire de Guarino, Naples, 2003

The background music is Adagio, Agnus Dei (vocal) by Samuel Barber and the images are from DVD: Naples revisitée par Ernest Pignon-Ernest (1988), Director: Patrick Chaput & Laurence Drummond. Produced by: Media 5. Participation: Cnap, French Institute of Naples.

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